Many have claimed to be the greatest, but the book of Hebrews details how only Jesus Christ can claim that title. 

Part 2: Greater than the Law

Part 3: The Greatest Leader

Part 4: Greater than Priests

Part 5: Greater than the Coronavirus

Part 6: Greater than My Struggles

Part 7: Greater than My Unbelief

Part 8: Greater than My Selfishness

Take this 30 day journey to convert your real-life family into your ideal-life family.

Part 1:The Ideal Family

No more broken promises this year, because we're not going to make promises we can't keep. Instead we're learning how to rely on the Promise Keeper.

Part 1: In Step with the Spirit

Christmas lights and candles are a reminder during this season that we have a light who shines through our darkness.  His name is Jesus!

Part 1: Hope Changes Everything

These spiritual disciplines will help you grow deeper in your understanding of God's love for you.
What happened on Good Friday and Easter Sunday are life changing realities for you and those you love. 
Money problems are always a spiritual matter. When you're heart is aligned with God's, that's when you'll truly find financial freedom.
Jesus' family tree isn't as respectable as one might think. Find out why that isn't such a bad thing for you and me.
80% of New Year's resolutions fail by February. Don't be a statistic. Start the year off right with a new beginning with God by your side.
Saying that God says something when he doesn't can be very dangerous. Make sure you know what he really says!
One day you will experience the afterlife.  You've got questions about that. God's got the answers!
The storms of life are coming. These messages will help prepare you for when they do. 
Sometimes it feels like God has left us. We celebrate Christmas to remind ourselves that God is with us. 
God is love and it only makes sense then to see what he says about it. Love is tougher than it looks.
Whether you feel like you're spiritually blind or just a bit out of focus, this series is for you.
God has a vision for your life, but you can't realize it alone.  Learn from a wise builder how to rebuild your life. 
Fake news is always creeping into the church.  That's why we always have to go back to God's unchanging truths!


How to follow Jesus in a selfie-centered world.  
Everyone has dreams of living the good life. Is God part of your dream?
Do you have regrets, shame or guilt from things you've done? Do you want to reset?  You can with Jesus!
Investigate the evidence of Easter for yourself and you can believe it or not.
Every relationship experiences turmoil and conflict but the good news is with God there is hope!
Jesus never meant for us to do life alone.  It's always better when we're connected.  
Need a superhero?  Check out theses heroes of faith to learn some of life's most important lessons.
A grateful attitude empowered by Jesus will produce happiness and alleviate stress.  Learn how!

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