Pastor Dan has recently taken a call to serve a congregation in Minnesota. Though his position is currently vacant, we at Faith Church are dedicated to providing Jesus-centered content every single week. You are invited to join us for in-service worship on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. or you can enjoy our weekly online content by clicking on messages or going to our Facebook page.  We look forward to having another full time pastor soon.  

Dan Schmidt


Sherry was born and raised in Texas and is blessed with three fantastic children and three amazing grandchildren. She wasn't always a follower of Christ, and didn’t grow up in church, which uniquely qualifies her to work with the families that she does. Sherry is passionate about ministering to vulnerable women and their families through her connections with a pregnancy counseling center in Jacksonville, TX.  She wouldn’t be who she is today without God’s unfailing love and she wants everyone she meets to experience the joy and forgiveness that only He can provide.

Sherry Deaton